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LiceBusters NYC Professional Lice Removal Services

Licebusters NYC is a distinguished clinic offering specialized lice treatment services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. With a child-friendly and discreet medical office, we they provide effective head lice detection and removal treatments. Our expertise and proven methodologies have garnered national recognition, making them a trusted choice for professional lice treatments.

The unique “In-Home Lice Treatment” service offered by Licebusters NYC exemplifies their client-centric approach. By extending our professional lice removal services to the comforts of one’s home, they ensure a convenient and discreet treatment experience. This service not only alleviates the stress associated with lice infestations but also provides a flexible solution for families, institutions, and individuals in need.

LicebustersNYC extends its expertise to educational institutions through its head lice school screenings and lice checks services. By working closely with schools, camps, and daycare centers, they contribute to a lice-free environment, ensuring the health and comfort of both students and staff. Our comprehensive screening services help in early detection and effective management of lice infestations, thereby promoting a hygienic and conducive learning environment.

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Who We Are

Dalya Harel, the founder and CEO of Lice Busters , embarked on her journey to create a solution for lice infestations out of personal necessity. As a young mother, she faced a recurring issue whenever her nine children returned home from school with complaints of itchy scalps due to lice infestations, which she referred to as a “nightmare of biblical proportions”. Driven to find a more effective and safer alternative to the available harsh and chemically-laden lice treatment options, which she found to be unsatisfactory, Dalya Harel emerged as a renowned expert in the field of head lice treatment.

Under her leadership, Lice busters was established, and it quickly gained national recognition as an industry leader in the highly specialized domain of head lice detection and lice removal Brooklyn. The clinic distinguished itself by offering a solution at a time when the prevalent remedies were ineffective and expensive over-the-counter head lice treatment products. Families were relieved from the stress of spending countless sleepless nights and hundreds of dollars in their attempts to manage head lice infestations.

Why should you choose Our Lice Removal Clinic?

Rated #1 lice removal service worldwide! In Business for over 40 years!

NYC head lice checks and lice screenings

Head Lice Checks

Early detection is crucial to effective lice removal. Our skilled technicians perform meticulous lice checks to identify an infestation at the earliest stage. We use professional-grade equipment to ensure accurate detection, providing you peace of mind and a clear course of action.

 Licebusters All-Natural lice removal nyc

All Natural Lice Removal

We believe in providing a safe and chemical-free lice removal service. Our all-natural lice removal methods are not only effective but also gentle on the scalp. We utilize eco-friendly products and techniques that prioritize your health and the environment.

Family-Friendly Lice removal

Family Safe Lice Solutions

Your family’s safety is our utmost priority. Our treatments are designed to be safe for individuals of all ages, including children. Our knowledgeable staff educates families on preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of future infestations, fostering a lice-free environment in your home.

convenient lice removal


When it’s time to eliminate lice, prompt action is key! Visit one of our easily accessible treatment centers or arrange for a lice removal house call, bringing the expertise right to your doorstep. Whether in our center or your home, expert help is readily available to ensure a lice-free environment.

Affordable lice removal and lice treatment

Affordable Lice Treatment

We understand that lice treatment can be an unexpected expense. At LiceBustersNYC, we strive to provide affordable lice removal services without compromising on quality. Our transparent pricing structure ensures there are no surprises, making lice treatment accessible to all.

lice free guarantee

Lice Guarantee

We stand behind the efficacy of our lice removal services with a solid lice-free guarantee. Our follow-up checks and educational resources empower you to remain lice-free long after treatment. With LiceBustersNYC, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving the best care and support in your journey towards a lice-free life.

Our Head Lice Clinic

Our discreet and child-friendly clinic is part of our commitment to providing comfortable and effective lice treatment solutions. We offer our famed “Home Comfort Lice Treatment” not just in our clinic but also in the comfort of your home across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A significant portion of our clientele comes from referrals and repeat business, showcasing the trust and satisfaction associated with our services.

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