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About licebustersnyc

About LiceBustersNYC

LiceBustersNYC stands out as a premier leader in head lice detection and removal, renowned nationally. Initially, we offered a reliable alternative to costly, ineffective over-the-counter products. Consequently, we’ve provided solace to many families battling lice.

Boasting over three decades of expertise, our service quality has secured the confidence of numerous clients, including esteemed schools and daycares. Moreover, these institutions frequently return and refer others to us.

Moreover, we offer the “In-Home Lice Treatment” in the tri-state area, reflecting our commitment to client convenience and satisfaction. Remarkably, referrals fuel our business, attesting to our service’s effectiveness and dependability.

Additionally, LiceBustersNYC is celebrated for its all-natural lice treatments, ensuring 100% eradication. Our innovative approach has not only comforted many but also earned us the title of America’s top lice treatment provider.

Our service excellence and guaranteed treatment have earned acclaim in top media outlets like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, reinforcing our status as the primary choice for lice treatment.

© Lice Busters NYC. Professional & Effective Head Lice Treatment at a Fraction of the Cost.

Discover the LiceBustersNYC Difference

Expert Lice Detection

With over 30 years in the field, our seasoned professionals excel in identifying head lice infestations, offering you a reliable diagnosis.

Natural Lice Treatment

Our all-natural lice treatment method is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly, guaranteeing a 100% effective head lice treatment with every session.

Customer Satisfaction

Our excellent service has earned the trust and satisfaction of tens of thousands of clients, as well as repeat business and referrals from schools, day care centers, camps, and other institutions.