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Head Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Service in Bronx, NY

For families in the Bronx seeking effective lice treatment, LiceBusters offers premier in-home service, delivering professional care right to your doorstep. This ensures both comfort and the convenience of receiving top-tier lice removal services without leaving your home.

Welcome to Our Lice Removal Service

Expert Lice Treatment in Bronx, NY

Discover our professional lice removal service in the Bronx and how we can help you get rid of head lice quickly and effectively.

Non-Toxic Effective Lice Removal and Treatments.

Our experienced technicians use non-toxic products and advanced techniques to ensure complete lice and nit removal the same day in one treatment.

Experience the Lice Busters difference WHy choose us

Safe and Effective Lice Treatment

Our experienced technicians in the Bronx, use non-toxic products and advanced techniques to ensure complete lice and nit removal without any harm to your health. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Confirm the presence of lice and/or nits.

Step 2:

Apply our all-natural solution to remove all lice and nits.

Step 3:

Comb out lice and nits with precision.

Step 4:

Conduct a meticulous recheck to ensure all nits are removed.

Convenient and Flexible Lice Removal Appointments

Our lice removal service in the Bronx provides flexible appointment times for your convenience.

can hair salons remove lice

Advanced Techniques

Our expert technicians use advanced techniques to ensure thorough lice and nit removal.

In-Home Services

Say goodbye to the stress of lice treatment with our convenient in-home services.

Flexible Booking

We understand busy schedules, which is why we offer flexible booking options for our lice removal services.

Impressive Results

See the impressive results our team has achieved and the satisfied customers we have helped in Bronx, NY.

Years in Business
Satisfied Customers
Successful Treatments
Expert Technicians

Our Lice Removal Pricing Bronx, NY

Home visits are a one time fee of $150, Our rates are flat and we don’t charge hourly.

Lice Check

Our all natural lice check is only $50 and provides peace of mind.

Lice Treatment

Our all natural lice treatment is only $250 and guarantees effective removal.


Our rechecks are free because we care about your continuous lice-free well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the signs of head lice?

Signs of head lice may include intense itching on the scalp, red bumps on the scalp or neck, and the presence of lice or nits (lice eggs) in the hair.

  • How can I treat lice at home?

While there are many home remedies for treating lice, they are often ineffective and can be harmful.

  • Do lice carry diseases?

No, lice do not carry or transmit any diseases. They are simply a nuisance and can cause discomfort or irritation.

  • Can my pets get lice?

No, lice are species-specific and can only survive on human scalps. Your pets cannot get lice from or pass lice to humans.