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LiceBuster’s Head Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Service in Bronx, NY

For families in the Bronx seeking effective lice treatment, LiceBusters offers a premier in-home service, delivering professional care right to your doorstep. This ensures not just comfort, but also the ease of receiving top-tier lice removal services without leaving your home.

Locations In
Bronx, NY

Bronx Lice Clinic

Under Renovations
Call for No Fee home Visit
(917) 742-2978

Hours of operation: 9:00AM-7PM

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Why Choose Our Head Lice Treatment Service

In the Bronx, NY, finding exceptional head lice treatment is vital for a lice-free existence. We’re not just a typical salon; as professional lice experts, we bring our specialized in-home lice treatment to you, offering comfort and convenience.

Our head lice removal service is specifically designed to address the Bronx’s unique lice challenges. We’re ready to conquer the most resilient super lice with a one-session treatment that’s both effective and quick. Whether you’re in Riverdale or near Van Cortlandt Park, our nit removal skills are unmatched.

We prioritize safe treatments, particularly for children. Our at-home service uses natural, chemical-free products to ensure your home stays clean and lice-free. LiceBuster’s detailed approach guarantees the removal of all lice and nits, typically in a single visit, and we’re eager to assist your family today.

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Our lice salon goes beyond treating infestations; we also focus on education and prevention. When our expert staff visits your Bronx home, they bring a commitment to thorough care, ensuring complete lice removal. Looking for a meticulous head lice check or comprehensive treatment in the Bronx? Choose us for our effective, flexible service.

Book with our Bronx lice specialists for top-notch care. Our certified technicians offer natural, meticulous lice checks and treatments. Say goodbye to lice stress with our professional, pesticide-free methods and learn how to stay lice-free permanently.

LiceBustersNYC All Natural Head Lice Removal 

FeatureLiceBustersNYC All-Natural ProcessTraditional Chemical Treatments
MethodNon-toxic, natural ingredientsChemical-based shampoos
SafetySafe for children and adultsPotential side effects
EffectivenessDesigned to eliminate ‘super lice’Not effective on Super Lice and nits
Treatment Time45 minutes to an hourMay require a longer application 
Side EffectsNoneMay include scalp irritation
ConvenienceIn-home service availableOften DIY
Environmental ImpactEco-friendlyPotential environmental toxins
Follow-upFree RechecksMay require additional treatments
ExpertiseProvided by expert lice techniciansVaries by product
EducationEducates on prevention and re-infestationLimited information provided
Community PresenceServes BronxNot location-specific
SpecializationFocused on head lice and nits General pest removal


Q: What is LiceBuster’s Head Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Service?

A: LiceBuster’s is a professional lice removal service in Bronx, NY, specializing in effectively treating and removing head lice.

Q: How experienced is LiceBuster’s in lice removal treatment service?

A: LiceBuster’s is a well-established company with skilled professionals who are experienced in treating and removing head lice effectively.

Q: What are the pricing options for lice treatment at LiceBuster’s?

A: LiceBuster’s offers competitive lice treatment pricing in Bronx, NY, making it an affordable and preferred lice treatment service.

Q: How can I find a professional head lice technician in Bronx, NY?

A: LiceBuster’s provides the services of a professional head lice technician, making it the preferred lice treatment service in the area.

Q: What makes LiceBuster’s the preferred lice treatment service in Bronx, NY?

A: LiceBuster’s stands out as the preferred lice treatment service due to its expertise and effective lice treatment approach.

Q: Is LiceBuster’s the best option for lice removal service in Bronx?

A: Indeed, LiceBuster’s is known as the best lice removal service in Bronx, NY, offering top-quality treatment by professional specialists.

Q: How does LiceBuster’s ensure lice-free results for its clients?

A: LiceBuster’s guarantees lice-free results as its treatment specialists are skilled in removing and effectively treating head lice.

Q: What are the advantages of using LiceBuster’s lice removal service in Bronx?

A: By choosing LiceBuster’s lice removal service in Bronx, you can expect a professional and efficient treatment that successfully removes lice and nits in just one visit.

Q: How does LiceBuster’s lice treatment service compare to others in the industry?

A: LiceBuster’s lice treatment service stands out in the industry due to its unmatched quality, expertise, and commitment to providing the best lice treatment in Bronx, NY.

How Do I Find LiceBusters Near Me?

Using our directions page find the closest Lice Removal clinic near you.