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LiceBusters Head Lice Treatment & Head Lice Removal Services Long Island, NY

For residents of Long Island in need of lice removal, LiceBusters provides a standout service, ensuring families can live lice-free. Our team of professional lice technicians brings expertise directly to homes in Nassau and Suffolk, offering convenience and efficiency with our in-home lice services​.

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Long Island, NY

Lice Removal Long Island Lice Clinic

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Hours of operation: 9:00AM-7PM

Why Choose Our Head lice Removal Long Island

When you’re facing head lice in Long Island, NY, selecting a professional lice removal service is essential. Fortunately, our Long Island head lice treatment service excels not just as a lice salon; we are proactive lice experts. We come to you, offering the convenience of in-home services in Nassau or Suffolk counties.

Additionally, we customize our lice removal solutions to fit Long Island’s specific needs, ensuring a one-time, effective treatment. We specialize in nit removal, and our service, extending to areas like Garden City and New Hyde Park, is unparalleled. Trust us to eradicate head lice swiftly and efficiently, with a personal touch.

Your children are always in safe hands with our gentle, yet effective, all-natural and pesticide-free head lice treatments. Specifically designed for busy families in Long Island, our in-home service allows for treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Furthermore, for schools across Nassau and Suffolk counties, we offer expert lice treatment services. Not only do we conduct highly effective head lice screenings, but we also provide treatments that ensure lice-free environments.

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Comprehensive Lice Removal & Prevention in Long Island

Embrace our revolutionary head lice removal process, which goes beyond treatment to educate families on preventing re-infestation. When our trained lice technicians visit your home, they bring a passion for ending the nightmare of lice with quality service and no additional service charge.

If you’re battling head lice in Long Island, take action now. Book a session with our expert lice treatment service. With us, you’ll break free from the relentless cycle of re-infestation, not just eliminate lice. Covering Nassau and Suffolk counties, our specialists, including those in Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor, stand ready to help your family. Ditch the ineffective drug store solutions—embrace the top-notch professional head lice removal we offer. Contact us without delay; together, we’ll confront this challenge, ensuring your Long Island residence remains lice-free.

LiceBustersNYC All Natural Head Lice Removal 

FeatureLiceBustersNYC All-Natural ProcessTraditional Chemical Treatments
MethodNon-toxic, natural ingredientsChemical-based shampoos
SafetySafe for children and adultsPotential side effects
EffectivenessDesigned to eliminate ‘super lice’Not effective on Super Lice and nits
Treatment Time45 minutes to an hourMay require a longer application 
Side EffectsNoneMay include scalp irritation
ConvenienceIn-home service availableDIY
Environmental ImpactEco-friendlyPotential environmental toxins
Follow-upFree RechecksMay require additional treatments
ExpertiseProvided by expert lice techniciansVaries by product
EducationEducates on prevention and re-infestationLimited information provided
Community PresenceServes BrooklynNot location-specific
SpecializationFocused on head lice and nits General pest removal


Q: What services do you offer for lice treatment?

A: We offer top head lice removal and lice treatment services in Long Island, NY. Our services include lice removal service, lice clinic, head lice removal service, in-home treatment service, and mobile head lice removal.

Q: Do you use pesticides in your lice treatment?

A: No, we use pesticide-free and natural lice treatment methods to ensure the safety of our clients.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment for lice treatment?

A: You can schedule an appointment for our lice treatment services by contacting our clinic. We also offer in-home and mobile head lice removal, so you can schedule a convenient appointment at your location.

Q: What is the pricing for your lice treatment services?

A: Our lice treatment pricing varies depending on the specific service being provided. For detailed pricing information, please contact us directly.

Q: How do you ensure complete lice and nit removal?

A: Our lice treatment specialists are dedicated to removing all lice and their eggs. We use effective techniques to ensure that there is no evidence of lice remaining.

Q: Do you provide lice treatment for the entire family?

A: Yes, we provide lice treatment for the entire family, ensuring that everyone is lice-free and the infestation is completely eradicated.

Q: Do you offer in-home lice treatment services?

A: Yes, we offer in-home lice treatment services to provide convenience for our clients in Long Island and the surrounding areas.

Q: Are your lice treatment methods safe for children?

A: Our lice treatment methods are safe for children and are pesticide-free, providing effective and safe solutions for lice removal.

Q: How Do I Find LiceBusters Near Me?

Using our directions page find the closest Lice Removal clinic near you.