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Miami FL’s #1 Head Lice Removal Service | Treatment Services

Experience unmatched lice removal expertise in Miami, FL, providing comfort and certainty of a lice-free lifestyle for your family.

Locations In Miami, FL

Miami Home Lice Removal

Service area includes:

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Hollywood
  • Miami Beach
  • Aventura
  • Bal Harbour
  • Coral gables
  • Miami Shores
  • Brickell
  • North Miami Beach
  • Surfside

Hours of operation: 8:00AM-11:30PM

Lice treatment Miami, FL

Why Choose Our Head Lice Removal Services

When choosing a lice treatment service in Miami, it’s important for your family’s peace of mind and health. Lice Busters knows how to tackle the challenges of Miami’s humid climate, where lice can be extra tough. Our services, including home lice removal, are effectively designed for conditions in Miami, combining local insights with proven techniques for complete lice treatment. Our team in Miami focuses on making lice treatment comfortable for your family. We understand how stressful getting lice can be, especially for kids. Our trained professionals from Lice Busters offer a gentle, effective approach to head lice removal treatment, ensuring your family’s well-being. We strive to make lice removal stress-free and reassuring for both kids and parents.

Our in-home lice removal service in Miami provides expert technicians who visit your home to administer an all-natural treatment process, guaranteeing a lice-free outcome. With a 100% guarantee on our treatment, we ensure successful results while prioritizing your family’s comfort and well-being. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to lowering family stress levels by treating children in a familiar environment. At Lice Busters, we emphasize convenience and flexibility, allowing you to quickly resume your regular routines after treatment. Our service is not only cost-effective but also staffed with medical professionals to ensure effective and thorough treatment. Additionally, we offer the convenience of 365-day availability and same-day appointments for clients in need.

lice removal near me Miami Fl

Natural, Safe, and Effective Lice Treatment Services

At Lice Busters Miami, our focus is on gentle yet effective lice removal. We use treatments that are safe for everyone, especially kids, because they’re made from natural ingredients. This means no harsh chemicals in our head lice removal treatment, making our approach kind to your scalp but tough on home lice.

Our expert team in Miami Lice Removal knows all the tricks to get rid of those pesky head lice and their eggs. Our Lice Troopers are really good at making sure every single louse and nit is gone, even the really stubborn ones. And don’t worry, our lice salon methods work great on all kinds of lice, including the tough ones that are hard to beat.

We understand that dealing with lice can be a private matter. That’s why our services are discreet. We make sure you can get back to your life quickly, without lice and without anyone needing to know. Our natural treatments are so effective, you’ll be back to your normal activities in no time, feeling confident and comfortable.

Lice Removal Service area in Miami, FL

LiceBusters provides lice removal services in various areas in Miami, Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Beach, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Coral Gables, Miami Shores, Brickell, North Miami Beach, and Surfside. Our lice technicians are also available in additional cities and neighborhoods within the Miami metro area, such as Aventura, Coconut Grove, Fontainebleu, Gladeview, Key Biscayne, Miami, and Opa-Locka. We cater to all zip codes in the region, including 33009, 33109, and 33473. With our wide coverage, we ensure that families in diverse locations can benefit from our chemical-free lice treatment services at the comfort of their own homes.

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LiceBustersNYC All Natural Head Lice Removal 

FeatureLice Busters All-Natural ProcessTraditional OTC /Chemical Treatments
MethodNon-toxic, natural ingredientsChemical-based shampoos
SafetySafe for children and adultsPotential side effects
EffectivenessDesigned to eliminate ‘super lice’Not effective on Super Lice and nits
Treatment Time45 minutes to an hourMay require a longer application 
Side EffectsNoneMay include scalp irritation
ConvenienceIn-home service availableDIY
Environmental ImpactEco-friendlyPotential environmental toxins
Follow-upFree RechecksMay require additional treatments
ExpertiseProvided by expert lice techniciansVaries by product
EducationEducates on prevention and re-infestationLimited information provided
Community PresenceServes BrooklynNot location-specific
SpecializationFocused on head lice and nits General pest removal


Q: What is head lice treatment?

A: Head lice treatment involves the removal or killing of head lice and their eggs (nits) from the hair and scalp. It typically includes the use of special combs, shampoos, and other treatments to eradicate the lice infestation.

Q: Who can get head lice and how common is it in Miami, Florida?

A: Anyone, regardless of age, with hair can potentially get head lice. However, children are more susceptible due to their close contact while playing. In Miami, Florida, head lice prevalence is notable among young individuals, with an estimated 6 to 12 million cases reported in children aged 3 to 11 annually according to the CDC. It is worth noting that this figure may actually be higher, as some cases may go unreported. Given the warm weather year-round in Miami, where close physical contact is common among children, the likelihood of head lice transmission is increased.

Q: Why Choose us in Miami-Dade County?

A: Choosing Lice Busters for lice removal in Miami-Dade County is a smart decision because of our expertise in lice removal, in-home services, and commitment to providing effective and affordable lice treatment options. LiceDoctors stands out as the leading in-home head lice service in Miami-Dade County, having successfully treated over 600,000 adults and children with our proven methods. We offer a 100% guarantee that our all-natural lice treatment will eradicate lice and nits, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you are in the hands of lice experts. Our technicians prioritize your privacy and convenience by making house calls in unmarked cars, ensuring the ultimate flexibility in scheduling your treatment. For lice removal services that are both effective and convenient, call LiceDoctors at 718-336-4206 at your earliest convenience.

Q: Why should I choose lice free noggins as the preferred lice treatment service?

A: Lice Free Noggins is the preferred lice treatment service in Miami because of their expertise in lice removal, in-home services, and commitment to providing effective and affordable lice treatment options.

Q: What is the pricing for lice treatment services?

A: The pricing for lice treatment services may vary depending on the specific service provider or the type of treatment required. It’s best to contact the lice removal treatment service directly to inquire about their pricing options.

Q: How can I schedule a lice treatment appointment with LiceBusters in Miami, Florida?

A: To schedule a lice treatment appointment with Lice Busters in Miami, Florida, you have a couple of convenient options. You can simply reach out to us by phone or use our online scheduling system to book an appointment. Once you contact us, a highly skilled lice technician will be dispatched directly to your home. Our service in Miami-Dade County follows an all-natural treatment process that effectively eliminates lice. With over 20 years of experience and having helped hundreds of thousands of clients, we are known as the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the region. Our team operates under the guidance of board-certified medical professionals and we stand behind our service with a full guarantee. So, let’s get started and have one of our expert technicians treat you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Q: What are the benefits of in-home lice removal services?

A: In-home lice removal services provide the convenience of having professional lice treatment administered in the comfort of your own home. It can also help contain the spread of lice to other individuals.

Q: How do I address a lice infestation in Miami?

A: Addressing a lice infestation in Miami involves seeking professional lice removal services, conducting thorough lice checks, and following the recommended treatment to eradicate the lice infestation effectively.

Q: Where can I find a reliable lice removal service in Miami-Dade County?

A: You can find a reliable lice removal service in Miami-Dade County by researching lice removal treatment providers, reading customer reviews, and choosing a service that offers experienced and professional lice and nit removal treatment.

Q: What are the available lice removal treatment options in Miami?

A: In Miami, you can find a range of lice removal treatment options including in-home lice treatment, lice removal salon services, professional lice and nit removal, and specialized lice treatment centers to address your specific lice infestation needs.

Q:How Do I Find LiceBusters Near Me?

A: Using our directions page find the closest Lice Removal clinic near you.