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NYC’s #1 Rated Lice Removal Clinic

Welcome to Lice Busters NYC, the city’s premier lice removal clinic, boasting over three decades of unparalleled service. Renowned for our innovative and customer-focused approach, we have been diligently freeing New Yorkers from lice, earning high praise from families throughout the city

#1 Rated Lice Treatment Center

  • Over 30 Lice Removal Clinics Nationwide!
  • We offer one time treatments with 100% guarantee.
  • Successfully treated over 500,000 cases of head lice.
  • Over 2000 5 star reviews from our customers.
  • We offer Free Rechecks in clinic for peace of mind.
  • We have state of the art clinics for quick and effective lice removal.
  • Feel Free call us for any questions or concerns!

Join the Multitude Who Have Successfully Achieved a Lice-Free Status!

Lice Busters Lice removal clinic NYC

Our Process

Our process works across four main service domains: Lice Removal Clinic, In-Home Service, Home Inspection & Cleaning, as well as Camp & School Lice Screenings.


Schedule your appointment with us for a thorough lice removal session, and take the first step towards a lice-free peace of mind.

We come to you

For your convenience and ease, we bring our lice removal services directly to your doorstep – we come to you!

Lice free children

You’ll get a special “Lice Free” certificate showing that you’ve been taken care of by our team!

Our Professional Head Lice Removal Service

Why Lice Buster’s Head Lice Removal Clinic Is Rated #1 in NYC For Over 30 Years!

Lice Busters NYC stands as the undisputed leader in head lice removal services across New York City, earning trust and accolades for our 30-year history of excellence. Their innovative lice removal methods and personalized care have garnered acclaim from both parents and children.

Professional and Safe Lice Treatment The expert team at Lice Busters employs safe, non-toxic treatments to eliminate lice comfortably, offering the added convenience of discreet in-home services to maintain clients’ privacy.

Educational Outreach and Affordable Care Committed to community education on lice prevention, Lice Busters also guarantees affordability and a 100% success rate, reinforcing their status as NYC’s top lice removal service for over three decades.

Our lice treatment service offers pesticide-free and chemical-free solutions for effective lice removal in New York.

Endorsed by physicians, our lice removal treatment is safe, all-natural, and guaranteed to eliminate lice and their eggs.

We provide a child-friendly and relaxing environment in our lice treatment center, ensuring a stress-free experience for your family for head lice issues.

Our lice specialist caters to both adults and children. If your kids have lice or you spot signs of lice, please call us.

Just one visit to our lice salon on the upper east side is typically all it takes. For severe cases, a retreatment is available at a flat rate with no hidden fees.

For professional lice removal and confidentiality, trust our expert lice technicians. We focus on providing the highest quality service.

Need immediate attention? We offer same day appointments at our lice treatment specialists center and mobile lice treatment for those who prefer the privacy of their own home.

Health insurance reimbursement forms are available. Consult with your provider to see if our New York lice treatment services are covered.

Our lice removal clinics in NYC serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island.

Our Natural Lice Treatment Service vs. Our Competitors 

FeatureLiceBustersNYC Natural Lice Treatment ServiceCompetitors’ Lice Treatment Services
Lice Removal ClinicNY-based with at-home service optionsVaries (often limited to home treatments)
Treatment MethodNatural and non-toxic solutionsOften OTC chemical treatments
Head Lice & Nit RemovalSpecialized in complete lice and nit removalMay not specialize in complete nit removal
EffectivenessGuaranteed to get rid of lice in one visitMultiple visits/treatments may be needed
SafetySafe for children and adults, no chemicalsUse of chemicals may have side effects
Lice Removal Service AreaLice service throughout New York & ManhattanLimited to specific locations
ConvenienceIn-home service and clinic for privacy and convenienceTypically require salon visits
Lice Infestation ManagementComprehensive support for lice infestationsMay not offer full infestation management
Availability of Salons in NYCMultiple salon locations in NYCMay have fewer NYC locations
CostCompetitive pricing with no hidden feesMay have additional costs for extra treatments
Aftercare SupportFollow-up advice and prevention tipsVaries
Additional ServicesEducational resources and prevention kitsOften limited to treatment only

Cost Comparison for Head Lice Removal in New York & Manhattan


LiceBusters Lice Removal Service

Other Lice Service Clinics

ExperienceOver 30 years of expertiseExperience may vary
Pricing StructureFixed prices make it easy to know how much you’ll pay: – $50 for a check – $250 for treatmentPay by the hour, which can add up: – About $225 for the first hour, then $200 for more hours
Hidden FeesNo sneaky extra charges mentionedSome places have extra costs, like if you have really long hair
GuaranteeOne treatment guaranteeSome might not promise anything
RechecksFree RechecksAdditional Costs to Recheck
Professional StaffTrained technicians do the jobSome places might have less trained technicians
Help with InsuranceInsurance Reimbursement Forms AvailableOther clinics don’t help with this

With over three decades of dedicated service, LiceBusters NYC has established itself as a beacon of trust in lice treatment. Not only do we offer a transparent pricing model and expertly trained staff, but they also assist with insurance paperwork, setting us apart from competitors. Moreover, their consistency in delivering effective lice removal solutions ensures that families receive the best possible care.