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NYC School Lice Removal Service – Expert Screening & Removal for Head Lice

At LiceBustersNYC, find comfort in our top-rated school lice check, which guarantee a lice-free educational space in more than 30 locations. Furthermore, we provide quick and efficient school-wide screenings, supported by a history of over half a million successful treatments and numerous accolades from both parents and educators.

#1 Rated School Lice Check

  • School-wide lice screenings available in over 30 cities for your peace of mind.
  • Quick, one-time lice screening at school, guaranteed for effectiveness.
  • A history of over half a million successful lice treatments speaks for itself.
  • Trusted by parents and educators alike, with thousands of five-star reviews.
  • Free follow-up checks at our clinics to ensure lice stay away.
  • Our teams bring the most effective lice checks and screenings to your school.
  • Questions? Concerns? Give us a call—we’re here to help your school stay lice-free.

Join the Multitude Who Have Successfully Achieved a Lice-Free Status!

School Lice Checks NYC

Our Process

Our process works across four main service domains: Treatment Center, In-Home Service, Home Inspection & Cleaning, as well as Camp & School Lice Screenings.


Schedule your appointment with us for a thorough lice removal session, and take the first step towards a lice-free peace of mind.

We come to you

For your convenience and ease, we bring our lice removal services directly to your doorstep – we come to you!

Lice free children

You’ll get a special “Lice Free” certificate showing that you’ve been taken care of by our team!

Our Professional Lice Screening Service Schools in Brooklyn, New York City, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island.

Why Lice Buster’s Head Lice Screenings & School Lice Check Is Rated #1 in NYC For Over 30 Years!

Lice Busters NYC has earned its status as the go-to expert for head lice prevention and treatment in New York City schools, boasting over 30 years of experience. Our highly skilled technicians proactively perform school lice checks and treatments, ensuring minimal disruption and aligning with the NYC Department of Education’s head lice policies, so students can continue learning without the worry of lice.

Moreover, Lice Busters NYC doesn’t just treat lice; we educate students, teachers, and parents on effective prevention strategies. Schools from Manhattan to Long Island praise their services, recognizing their ability to maintain lice-free learning environments.

Discreet & Professional School Lice Checks

In prioritizing comfort and privacy, Lice Busters NYC’s discreet services address head lice issues swiftly and quietly. Teachers and parents trust their professional care, which sustains lice-free, healthy school communities and cements Lice Busters NYC’s reputation as the professional choice in New York.

Our lice treatment service offers pesticide-free and chemical-free solutions for effective lice removal in New York.

Endorsed by physicians, our lice removal treatment is safe, all-natural, and guaranteed to eliminate lice and their eggs.

We provide a child-friendly and relaxing environment in our lice treatment center, ensuring a stress-free experience for your family for head lice issues.

Our lice specialist caters to both adults and children. If your kids have lice or you spot signs of lice, please call us.

Just one visit to our lice salon on the upper east side is typically all it takes. For severe cases, a retreatment is available at a flat rate with no hidden fees.

For professional lice removal and confidentiality, trust our expert lice technicians. We focus on providing the highest quality service.

Need immediate attention? We offer same day appointments at our lice treatment specialists center and mobile lice treatment for those who prefer the privacy of their own home.

Health insurance reimbursement forms are available. Consult with your provider to see if our New York lice treatment services are covered.

Fast and thorough school lice check

Comprehensive School Lice Screening and Lice Removal by LiceBusters

Serving schools located in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island.

All-Natural ProductsLiceBusters uses pesticide-free products that are gentle for children and adults, ensuring a safe treatment process.
Quick and Discreet ScreeningsScreenings are conducted swiftly and with respect to students’ privacy, preventing any stigma or embarrassment.
Servicing Top NYC SchoolsRecognized as a trusted partner in lice prevention and treatment by schools throughout NYC.
Multiple Checks Per YearOffers comprehensive support with the ability to conduct multiple screenings throughout the year as needed.
Expertise and Educational SupportProvides thorough head lice screening, information on containing outbreaks, lice prevention strategies, and assistance with treatment plans.
Guaranteed ServiceTreatments are backed by a guarantee, ensuring effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
Community Support and DiscountsParticipating schools receive coupons for discounted treatments, fostering community support and providing cost-effective solutions.

LiceBusters, with over 30 years of expertise, excels in head lice removal, ensuring schools remain lice-free. They stand out with transparent pricing, well-trained staff, and streamlined insurance processes, unlike others with less consistent expertise and hidden costs. Additionally, LiceBusters is dedicated to educating school communities about lice prevention, thereby safeguarding your educational spaces against infestations.

Our Natural Lice Treatment Service vs. Our Competitors 

FeatureLiceBustersNYC Natural Lice Treatment ServiceCompetitors’ Lice Treatment Services
Service LocationNY-based with at-home service optionsVaries (often limited to in-salon)
Treatment MethodNatural and non-toxic solutionsOften OTC chemical treatments
Head Lice & Nit RemovalSpecialized in complete lice and nit removalMay not specialize in nit removal
EffectivenessAim to get rid of lice in one visitMultiple visits/treatments may be needed
SafetySafe for children and adults, no harsh chemicalsUse of chemicals may have side effects
Lice Removal Service AreaLice service throughout New York & ManhattanLimited to specific locations
ConvenienceIn-home service and clinic for privacy and convenienceTypically require salon visits
Lice Infestation ManagementComprehensive support for lice infestationsMay not offer full infestation management
Availability of Salons in NYCMultiple salon locations in NYCMay have fewer NYC locations
CostCompetitive pricing with no hidden feesMay have additional costs for extra treatments
Aftercare SupportFollow-up advice and prevention tipsVaries
Additional ServicesEducational resources and prevention kitsOften limited to treatment only