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Our Pricing & Services

LiceBustersNYC offers a range of specialized lice treatment services, emphasizing child-friendly and discreet methods. Our services are available in New York, New Jersey, Florida and Connecticut, and they have gained national recognition for their expertise and proven methodologies in head lice detection and removal​​.

Services Include

  1. In-Home Lice Treatment: This unique service provides professional lice removal in the comfort of the client’s home, offering a convenient and discreet solution for families, institutions, and individuals​​.
  2. Head Lice School Screenings: LiceBustersNYC extends its expertise to educational institutions, ensuring a lice-free environment in schools, camps, and daycare centers through comprehensive screening services​​.
  3. All-Natural Lice Removal: The clinic uses eco-friendly products and techniques for a safe and chemical-free lice removal service, ensuring it is gentle on the scalp and environmentally conscious​​.
  4. Affordable Treatment: LiceBustersNYC aims to offer affordable services with a transparent pricing structure to make lice treatment accessible to everyone​​.
  5. Lice-Free Guarantee: They offer a guarantee on their services, supplemented with follow-up checks and educational resources to ensure long-term lice-free conditions​​.
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